Feel braless.
Let the bra adapt to your body.

Women are struggling with uncomfortable bras. Why is this the first thing we’re taking off when we get home?

There are so many sizes but still, nothing truly fits. The QD Bra solves this by being
adaptable to fit multiple sizes adapt to your unique proportions.


Now you have worry free shopping and beautifully simple bra. 

High quality, adjustable, perfect.
Because good things are meant to last.

QD Bra


Introducing the Adaptable QD Bra

Able to fit multiple sizes. Why? And how? 
read more bellow.

Same adaptable bra but different boobs.

T, Paris


"It's so simple I am surprised it can fit both me and my 70A tiny friend.

Game changing solution"

M, California


"I chose her bras (QD Bra) to wear throughout our move because they're the most comfortable bras I own. When I am bending and moving I don't feel it. Unlike the regular metal underwire bras with hooks at the back." 

M, Israel


"I mostly use the bra for sport classes because it's very comfortable and the option to have X straps in the back help.

I have to admit that when I teach, I use a padded bra to increase the size but I wish I didn't feel like I had to. "

Awesome. But how can I make sure it will fit?

Is your cup size in the range of A-D? 
It will fit.
The unique cup will adapt to the breast and the chest and shoulder straps are 100% adjustable.

See our Fit Guide here.

Check out our IG story here  to see the fit on different sizes and shapes.

Still not sure? Return shipping is free and we offer full refunds, no questions asked.
This is how confident we are.

For specific questions and reassurance, reach out to us.

Why are we doing this?

Because it is made for YOU to feel good and adjust to your body. Always.

We've simplified bra shopping without compromising comfort and aesthetic.

It's like a great t-shirt, it will last forever and will look beautiful on different body shapes.

Women's bodies are constantly changing but now you don't need to own multiple sizes. 
The unique cup adapts to the boobs even when they become bigger or smaller due to normal changes in a woman's body (e.g periods, the pill or pregnancy). 

I want you to have a good quality bra 
that will adjust to your frame and be perfect for your body, even if you're bloated from your period or lost weight because of the flu. 

Yes, we have both X and straight straps 

Quality sustainable bra

Everyday high quality beautiful bra that is made to last you forever. 

Made in the middle east and hand packed for you to enjoy.

Crafted by women

And tested on hundred of boobs (including men's).
Boobs are not rocket science, we just needed to take matters into out own hands.

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