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Introducing the One Size QD Bra

Want to be notified when the QD Bra launches?

What stage are we on?

We are perfecting the fit and quality of the product. 
We are happy to give interested women the first opportunity to purchase the bra.
We are thankful to be receiving feedback to make it even better! 

Why are we creating this Bra?

Because it is made for YOU to feel good and adjust to your body. Always.

We've simplified bra shopping without compromising comfort and aesthetic.

Women’s bodies are constantly changing - the pill, weight gain/lose, period, pregnancy and so much more! Now we have the bra that will have the perfect fit forever.

85% of women are wearing the wrong bra size ("WWD").
73% of women agreed that badly-fitting undergarments can make or break their day. 
We want them to have a good quality bra 
that will adjust to their frame and be perfect for their body.

Both X and straight straps

Awesome. How do you know it will fit?

Is your cup size in the range of A-D? 
It will fit. 

Still not sure?

Go to our instagram account and check out our Sizes highlight. This can give your examples of the fit on different breast sizes and body shapes.

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