7 Ways to be More Comfortable With Yourself

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

In our modern society a lot of people are struggling with confidence and self acceptance. It seems as if the more we improve in technology, and all other aspects of modern living, we still can't crack human feelings and inner thoughts. Shockingly, 96% of women would not describe themselves as beautiful (WH). We don't truly feel comfortable in our own skin. I heard a little girl say to her mom in the bus: "Mom, can you make me more beautiful?" and my heart ached. Why is self acceptance absent in that age? What are we doing wrong? This subject has been raised in the QD team and we decided to share our tips in the hopes that someone will benefit from our experience.

Here are 7 ways to be more comfortable in your own skin:

  1. Take care of yourself There will be periods when working out, pampering yourself, and rewarding your body won’t be a possibility. To minimize the impact of these days, I suggest listing the things that make you feel great and time block your week to accomplish them. Yes, I know you hate going to the gym, but I see you strutting your stuff down the street after a good workout! Pinpoint those small things that boost your mood and commit to them. Whether it’s a face mask, lotion, a massage, a dairy free diet or a vigorous exercise session, keep doing it as long as it improves your well-being (physically and mentally). Feeling fabulous because you treat your body with kindness will always do the trick. This is the most obvious trick but it's still the one we neglect the most. Don't overlook the small things that make you happy.

  2. Understand why you feel uncomfortable with yourself We all know the sentence: "The first step to solving a problem is admitting you have one.” Are you over critical of yourself? Are you unhappy with your personality/life/appearance/surrounding? Identify the issue and start working to resolve it. A good way to do this step is to go to a therapist but that’s none of my business, so I’m just throwing it out there!

  3. Do things that make you happy Start by learning to say no. No one is benefiting from your help or company when it’s ruining your mood. Stop filling your life with things that make you unhappy. Yes, we all have to work. But we don’t have to agree to that expensive and inconvenient bachelorette party. Continue by identifying activities that cheer you up. Try this little exercise—if you had an unlimited amount of money, what would you do with it? Skip the part that you’re buying a car, a house, diamonds or brands. Go, do the interests that will make your heart full and happy. Surfing, traveling, reading, writing, painting, dancing or wine with friends are all occupations that should be the root of your week/life. They’re out of your financial reach? Save up for them and believe me the process will be that much more rewarding. Don’t have anything that comes to mind? Even better! Try out different things and find that sweet spot. Start with the cheap and easy options like drawing, and work your way up to the more complicated and expensive ones. Who knows, maybe you will accidentally discover your passion?

  4. Meditate

I’m not going to describe the benefits of meditating because you’re probably aware of them and it’s already explained better in other places.If you don’t—use that awesome tool named Google. If you do know about them—stop being lazy! It’s good for you! Do it for five minutes each morning and thank me later. Even such a small amount of time is proven to make a difference.

5. Learn to love your physical flaws Yes, it’s easier said than done, but this is a big step towards feeling comfortable with yourself! Everyone has things about themselves that are just bothering us. Identify them and make your stupid head change the negative thoughts you have. I will give you some examples: You dislike your nose? But maybe it makes your resemble that dad that you love so much. You hate your weight? But look how beautiful your boobs/butt/waist is! Fight the urge to criticize yourself. Make your brain stop shooting those negative thoughts.

6. Learn to be alone with yourself This is directed to both extrovert and introvert. For those who don’t know the meaning, I will explain it in a nutshell - extroverts gain their energy from being around people and introverts need time alone to recharge. I’m directing this to either kind of people because wallflowers should feel comfortable about requiring certain periods by themselves while extroverts should learn to enjoy it. Yes, I realize it’s easier said than done but it’s important because you will have the opportunity to look inwards. This means perceiving yourself in a better way and not be dependent on society. It can help you understand what you want and crave in life while discovering new parts of your identity. Start small and clear an hour a week for some quality time with your favorite individual ;)

7. Your clothes and lingerie should bring you happiness Confidence comes from within, but your exterior should contribute as well, right? Marie Kondo developed a theory on keeping in your closet only the items that truly make you happy. This resonated with me because, most of the time, the clothes I wear affect my mood. Besides the garments that cheer me up, my lingerie can influence my spirit. Fifty-four percent of women report that uncomfortable underwear can make or break their day (QQM).

Our cure-all for this is the QD Bralette. This bra is designed for comfort, simplicity and adaptation to the female body. We want to accommodate you and your changing figure throughout your life. This is achieved by creating a high quality, one size bra that is 100% adjustable and can be accustomed to different shapes and proportions.

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