Our Story - the QD business invented and released.

Updated: Feb 19

Around the age of 18, I started getting used to being braless (and loving it) because I was wearing a thick uniform shirt that made it impossible to tell the difference. The benefits of being braless included both comfort, and having one thing less to think about.

After I stopped modeling the uniform, I didn’t feel at ease being braless. I tried fighting it because it was more natural and I disliked making my undergarment fit the outfit. Laces, colors, shapes, push-up bra, etc. were all fine options but it seems like the one I needed, was nowhere to be found.

To solve my morning frustration I thought purchasing more bras could be the fix. So I went shopping. This gave me a bigger headache than before.

Searching for articles on how to buy a bra and getting the advice of all the blogs and sellers made me even more confused. It’s f*** rocket science! why is it so complex? T-shirts, shoes and pants are so simple and still fit great. Why are bras different? It's just boobs. I have a hard time believing it’s more complicated for the benefit of women. Same as corsets, modern bras to me and for many other ladies are torture. It’s time to improve and simplify.

If I could sell being braless, I would, but I understand that most women don’t feel comfortable this way and there are situations (like work and white/sheer shirts) that make it less convenient. Not to mention that having larger breasts make it even harder and super expensive. This is why I created the adaptable QD bra, a step before being braless. Both for simplifying online and in-store purchases, and for serving women on an everyday basis. I see the QD bra like an amazing T-shirt that I am always happy to wear because it was easy to shop, easy to wear, and even if my body changed a bit, I can adjust it and it will still look great.

I became determined to make my vision a reality—a simple one-size bra that doesn’t claim to fit everybody but will be incredible on most. Practical, high quality easy and beautifully comfortable. After a long process of refining, correcting the prototype, testing fabrics, and making alterations - 300 units were made and ready to sell.

Now the hard part is coming—I have a great product but no one knows about it.

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