The Next Big Thing is Comfort

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

The day has come. We are in a new era. The Next big thing is comfort.

Now more than ever, women strive for enjoyable garments instead of the known saying “Beauty is pain” or in French: “Il faut souffrir pour être belle” (you need to suffer to be beautiful).

Don’t believe me? You should. I am very trustworthy.

Anyway here is just some of the data our team collected:

Searching for the term “Comfortable” since 2004 has obviously increased.

"Comfortable" Google Trends

And “Most comfortable”:

These two graphs show an obvious increasing trend.

In comparison to the term “heels” (which is a perfect example of uncomfortable) that plateaued:

Personally I am very excited about this change because it just makes sense that the things we wear will be comfortable. What purpose do they serve if they are not? Do men look more attractive when wearing uncomfortable garments? No. Because there is no correlation between the two.

Obviously for special occasions men can wear uncomfortable tuxes and women can experience heels. But for everyday use, comfort should be emphasized.

This is why we are going to promote some brands that have the right thought process and product.

Here are our top picks for “The Most Comfortable” in every category. We are focusing on “add-ons” because most comfortable T-shirt is just not that interesting.

Most comfortable Bra

The most comfortable bra is obviously the One Size QD Bra. Made with quality materials to adapt and fit perfectly for a woman's body. Fits cups A - D and the range 70 - 90 cm. How is it possible? Carefully designed pattern that can easily adjust to your body.

QD One Size Bra

Most comfortable underwire full coverage bra

Don’t feel comfortable with a bralette and still need the underwire sensation? Wacoal bra gives full coverage and a breathable feel. Seamless foam cups for a smooth fit and be great under close fitting garments.

Most comfortable plus size bra

There are boobies that require more support and women that prefer coverage. For these ladies I heard recommendations about the Lunair Plus Size Barbados Underwire Bra. It has a double layer stretch mesh and embroidered lace that provides support and a breathable feel.

Most comfortable thongs

Personally, thongs are more comfortable than regular panties. Here are some recommended examples of high quality comfortable strings that will work perfectly as everyday essentials.

Everlane thongs, Calvin Klein invisible thongs and Hanky Panky Low Rise Thong are just a few examples of brands that cracked the code to comfortable thongs.

Most comfortable heels

Heels can be a known torture device but some women enjoy heels so we were looking for a solution. Here are brands that are focusing on comfort and succeeded in creating shoes that are supportive, high quality for pain free strutting.

Some recommended brands and models are:

  • Banana Republic Madison Line

  • Everlane heels

  • Bared Footwear

Comfort should be the focus of all brands and I really enjoyed featuring companies that emphasize this aspect. I think it should be encouraged and celebrated because too many women feel like they can't be naturally beautiful.

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