The Story of Why I Decided to go Braless and my Tips to Free your Boobies!

Around the age of 18, I started to wear a mandatory uniform for work: a thick button-down shirt with a white undershirt. I wasn’t happy about it. Eventually, I became so lazy in the morning that I stopped using a bra. No one noticed the change, and it made a huge difference for me. After a year of braless life, I couldn’t stand that torture device anymore.

I’m the CEO of an undergarment company and I want to help you get rid of it. Strange right? I am doing this because my ultimate goal is to make you more comfortable. I would love to hear that my product liberated a woman but if your solution is going braless, I want to support you! Did you get the pun? and Anyway, here are tips from my own life, to ease your “Free the Boobies journey “"

  1. Go braless at home First, you need to experience the freedom. Try hanging around without a bra, alone or with friends, and get used to the sensation. Start with easy situations and progress towards public and social ones.

  2. From bra torture to bralette heaven

Make the process smoother by switching from a regular bra into a QD bra. Yes, this is where I recommend my company’s QD bra, designed by women for your comfort. One size, 100% adjustable to simplify sizes and adapt to your changing body.

3. Pasties Some people propose the use of pasties and bandaids but honestly, I find it scratchy and not safe, so I’m not vouch for it.

4. Start thick Ready to be free in public? Start by going outside with a thick dark shirt, to make the change less obvious.

5. Enjoy the change Celebrate the benefits! Wearing spaghetti strap tank tops and strapless shirts becomes so much more fun, effortless and beautiful! Lastly, and most importantly, understand that even if people notice, you shouldn’t care! Your comfort is the end goal.

On professional or formal occasions, if you feel the need, try the QD bra, the coziest bralette ;)

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