$100 Contest for Women!

Why are we doing this contest?

As a company, we want to support women (get the pun? We’re a bras company?) so after growing we want to thank you and give back to women! You are the only reason we are around so you deserve it. We know we can make someone happy by doing this.



QD was created to crush normal bras with its one size invention. It’s simple but genius. Why? To simplify shopping and provide a long lasting bra the will always fit perfectly. 

We’re a team of women and we want to give back to females who deserve it. Obviously, if you define yourself as a woman, you’re welcome to join :)

You can only compete if you can accept international online transfers! 

This contest is not related to instagram in anyway. 

Who are we?

Awesome! So how do I enter?

Follow these steps to enter the competition and have the option to win $100.

  • Follow the QD page

  • Share this post on your story and nominate at least 2 awesome women that deserve $100!

  • Like the post and comment to let us know that you're in!

  • The number of women you tag will count as the number of times you enter the contest so the more you tag - the higher your chances.

Additional information

This contest is not sponsored, endorsed, or associated with instagram. 
It is run by the QD instagram page.

Entrance will be closed on the 25th of October at 11:59 EDT and the winner will be announced Wednesday the 26th of October. 
This contest is restricted to women and you must have the ability to accept international online transfers, fees may apply. 

The winner will be chosen randomly and will be published on the QD instagram story. The prize should be claimed by DMing  the QD page.

Removing the comment/follow/tag will result in disqualification from the current competition and maybe future ones. 

Show your support by following us at @QuintessenceD

Contact us 

Available to help whenever. 
We will answer in 24 hours or less 😄



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